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Whatever country you originate from, we extend a warm welcome to you. The function of this site is to assist mixed-nationality couples to progress their relationships towards success.

The information found here may also be of assistance to Australians who are in relationships with Cambodians and it may be of particular interest to western men who are disenchanted with trying to find a lifetime partner in a western country.

Women in Europe, the USA, Down Under and the UK have changed so much so that we are hearing from people, particularly in Australia, who are deciding that these changes have made marriage in the west an unappealing prospect.

This is also applicable to the LGBT community in the west, many of whom are also not finding the type of partner they prefer.

Our intention is not to attack western women but to show people that there are alternative options for those looking for a more traditional type of marriage that is no longer an option in their own country.

We don’t match couples, but we do provide help and advice for singles who are searching for a Cambodian partner to share their lives with. We are not a dating site, we only provide information to enable single people to find a soulmate from another country.

Our main function on this site is to introduce you to the charming character of Cambodian women. By comparison with western women, they’re smart, elegant, educated, shy, sweet-natured, loving, affectionate, intelligent and thoughtful. Furthermore, they value their partners and thus are considered the perfect choice for a long-term partner.

Choose a Cambodian for your lifetime love and you will be respected, loved, pampered and spoiled. This will be your reward for all the support and kindness you provide to them.

Cambodian dating tips:

  1. Cambodian women are romantic by nature, but be aware that, initially, a girl will start dating by bringing her relatives and friends along as chaperones. You will need to be patient as this will take time before you can be alone with her. This, of course, may not necessarily apply to same-sex relationships.Note also that public displays of affection (PDA) will be unwelcome.
  2. The Buddhist religion plays a major role in the lives of Cambodians. Do not downplay or mock the importance of their religion and traditions.
  3. Almost all women will only be interested in dating a person who will eventually progress that relationship to marriage. The casual approach to relationships is frowned upon.
  4. Any serious relationship will require parental approval. Be sure to meet the parents at an early stage.
  5. Families and children are very important to Cambodians. Be sure to find out about her family and discuss your own family and your views on parenting with her. She will almost certainly want to have children of her own.
  6. Manners are important. Be polite and courteous. She will be looking for signs that you are decent and honourable. Do not insult the country or the people.  Cambodian women are attracted to western life, but they adhere rigidly to their culture. Kind gestures will go a long way in progressing your relationship.

For those looking for a lifetime partner, marriage or serious relationship, you will probably be asking questions, such as what or where is the best place to meet Cambodian women?

If you’re already in an online relationship, you will probably want to progress from the friendship with your contact, to a meeting in person and eventually to marriage.

We will try, on this page, to answer some of these and other questions you may have regarding social protocols.

Where to meet Cambodians:

There are plenty of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants where you can meet someone, but obviously this is not the best or safest way to meet a person intending to create a serious relationship.

Talking to people in normal life locations such as shopping malls is an acceptable way to make progress, but many people are just too shy and cannot summon up the courage to go about it in this way. For people in other countries, they are perhaps too busy or prefer to meet cautiously online before making a commitment. If so, then dating sites are probably the best method for you to pursue.

Online dating sites and apps.

If you bear in mind that as many as one third of relationships are initiated online, then you will realise that this is a very credible method in which to match with someone. For the shy and cautious, you will appreciate being able to get to know someone in a chat room without feelings of embarrassment.

There are also dating sites now to suit people of different sexual orientations. It is estimated that there are more than 2500 online sites and apps for singles wishing to find a partner. We have no doubts that the industry will continue to grow.